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Bill Maynard

The British Actor/Comedian

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Agent (1951-2017): The Richard Stone Partnership, Suite 3, De Walden Court, 85 New Cavendish Street, London, W1W 6XD, England, UK.

Bill Maynard
Bill Maynard was born Walter Frederick George Williams on October 8, 1928.

Birthplace: 5 Oak Cottages, Heath End, Farnham, Surrey, England, UK. (This was his mother's parents address and where his mother was born.) [awaiting photo of this address]

He was the only child of Walter Charles Williams (father - ex-military) and Edith Maud (mother - laundry worker).

He was 6' 1" (1.83 m) tall.

Bill was a vegetarian and a diabetic.

His favourite music genre was Country, but he was also very fond of Jazz. His favourite music artist was Joe Cocker.

Bill died Friday March 30, 2018 at the age of 89 after suffering a hip fracture from falling from his mobility scooter. His funeral took place at 10:30 on Saturday April 21, 2018 at South Leicestershire Crematorium, Foston Road, Countesthorpe, LE8 5QP, England, UK. It was requested that no flowers be purchased for him, but donations were being accepted on behalf of the Leicester Hospitals Charity for the purchase of pillows in Leicester Hospitals. The shortage of pillows was something that Bill had experienced first-hand during his various stays.

Born into a poor family, he lived in Leicestershire, England, UK for many years. The family moved many times, living in the Leicestershire villages of Wigston, South Wigston (Timber Street), Wigston Magna, Wigston Fields and Great Glen. He also spent some of his childhood on Arnold Avenue, Jordan Avenue and Lansdowne Grove of Hooley's Estate (aka: Rat Alley), where the rats outnumbered the people, in South Wigston, Leicestershire (next to the council tip). [awaiting dates/addresses/photos]

The family dog, a half-bred Jack Russell terrier bitch, was called Gyp.

He lost the middle finger on his right hand in a childhood accident, aged approximately three, when he got it caught in the gears of a mangle while trying to distract his mother.

Bill's first public performance as an entertainer came in 1937 at the tender age of eight when he sang Leaning on a Lampost, his first ever public song, and other George Formby songs at the South Wigston Working Men's Club, Blaby Road, Wigston, Leicestershire, England, UK. The booked act (or "turn" as they are known) that night hadn't turned up, so when they asked if anyone in the audience would like to do a turn his father suggested he have a go. Opening the stage to the audience this way is known as a "free and easy". After his performance Bill said to his father, "I just love it. I want to be a star, Dad.", but that was going to have to wait because the next day he was taken off to hospital (or sanatorium as it was known in those days) for four months with scarlet fever. It was Bill's dad who encouraged him to be a performer, his mother was never keen on the idea. His father bought him his first musical instrument, a ukulele, and later used the profits from Bill's performances to pay for lessons and buy other instruments. During those early years Bill went to tap dancing lessons, singing lessons, guitar lessons and mandolin lessons, to name but a few. Also at the age of eight Bill did some work for a traveling circus in nearby towns.

Aged nine, Bill (billed as: Little Billy Williams, Leicester's Own George Formby) performed his very first paid gig as a professional entertainer at the Aylestone Working Men's Club, 305 Saffron Lane, Leicester, England, UK. He was paid the same amount that his father earned for a full days work, who was working as an assistant gardener.
Over the years Bill built-up a repertoire of nine acts each lasting between ten and twelve minutes and one night at the Leicester Railwaymen's Club, East Park Road, Leicester, England, UK, he performed all nine. His acts included: a George Formby act, an army act, an act as a QC (lawyer), an act dressed in drag, a cowboy act and an act of Neapolitan love songs. One of his acts was a monologue called Little Rosa, a morbid piece which left the audience in tears. Bill also sang songs including, Paddlin' Madeline Home and I'm My Own Grandpa. Bill was also known as: Little Billy Williams -The Boy in the Velvet Suit, and later he would be billed as: Bill Williams - The Wizard of the Banjolele.

At the age of ten Billy, as he was then known, started to breed rabbits for their meat and fur to help with the family income, but his professional career as an entertainer was taking off and rabbit breading was proving too time consuming.

Just before starting Grammar School (aged eleven) Bill was hospitalised again, this time with kidney problems, which lead to him having one of his kidneys removed. Later in his life Bill did charitable work for several kidney research and support organisations.

He attended: Kibworth Beauchamp Grammar School, School Road, Kibworth Beauchamp, Leicestershire, England, UK from 1940 to 1944. (!) [awaiting exact dates/class photo/info of other schools]

By the age of eleven or twelve Bill was earning 35 shillings a week (£1.75 GBP) on the local Working Men's Club circuit, which was more than his father earned working as an assistant gardener. It was while traveling between Leicester and Sheffield that Bill lost his virginity to a girl (fellow performer - contortionist) who was three or four years older than him. It happened on the back seat of a car on their way home from a performance.

With Bill's extra income the family were eventually able to buy their own motor car, a 1912 Singer, which cost twelve pounds ten in old British money.

At Grammar School Bill was a member of the soccer team and also won an athletic trophy. He signed for the local YMCA team and later began playing inside-right for Leicester City FC's junior team after being spotted by a scout. Don Revie (former England manager) was also part of the junior team and he later introduced Bill to Jackie Charlton (World Cup winner 1966) who became one of Bill's closest friends. Bill's coach at Leicester City was Sep Smith. Bill left Leicester City FC to play for semi-pro club Kettering Town FC (!), as it paid his expenses, unlike Leicester, but Bill's career in football was cut short at the age of seventeen when he received a 'divided cruciate ligament' injury to his right leg during a training session. In those days this irreparable knee injury meant an instant end to any football aspirations. Later in life Bill became a regular player at charity cricket matches, where he showed that the sportsman within him had never faded.
Bill excelled in English at school, but flunked everything else, so left school with no qualifications. He had a schoolboy crush on his English teacher Miss Hern and he never forgot the French poem La Feuille (The Leaf), taught to him by his French teacher.

Lewis's Department Store With his soccer career coming to an unexpected and abrupt end Bill turned his hand to many different jobs. Most of these jobs were in sales, but he also worked as a coalman and as an assistant buyer for a Leicester wholesalers, where he met his first wife Muriel. Eventually Bill landed a job in the electrical department of Lewis's Department Store, Humberstone Gate, Leicester, England, UK. (The building has since been demolished.)

St John the Baptist Church Bill and Muriel
Bill married Muriel Linnett (1930 - June 1983) on November 5, 1949 at St John the Baptist Church, Clarendon Park Road, Leicester, England, UK. They honeymooned in Bournemouth, England, UK, and had two children Martin Williams (born 1951 - later known as Maynard Williams) and Jane Maynard (born 1954). [awaiting exact dates/photos] They met when they both worked for the same Leicester wholesalers, before Bill started his job at Lewis's. Muriel, approximately 5' 7" (1.524 m) tall, had served in the Wrens (Women's Royal Naval Service) before working with Bill. After Muriel's death Bill sold some of her jewelery and with the £10,000 (GBP) that it raised he bid in a charity auction to name a new rose after her. The money went to the Save the Children charity and the new rose, named Muriel, was cultivated - Their daughter Jane went to the naming ceremony at the Royal Chelsea Flower Show. [awaiting date]
Bill and Tonia On September 4, 1989 Bill married, Belgian singer, Tonia Bern-Campbell (widow of Donald Campbell) at Hinckley Registry Office, followed by a honeymoon in Jersey. They did divorce, as he said in an interview in The Daily Express about his time in Heartbeat. [awaiting dates]
Tonia and Bill had been acquainted back in the late 1950s when she had been a guest on Mostly Maynard and she and Bill had had an affair. The episode which featured Tonia, along with Len Lowe, Betty Marsden and The Kentones, aired March 26, 1957 and was the fifth and final episode of Mostly Maynard. By the time they were married Tonia had become a multi-talented star in her own right and this meant that they didn't see much of each other during their married life, as Bill's work was in the UK and Tonia's in the USA.

Moving Up
By 1949 Bill's parents had become the steward and stewardess of the South Knighton Working Men's Club, 189 Avenue Road Extension, Leicester, England, UK, where Bill and Muriel lived until after the birth of their first child, Martin. [was the address the same in 1949?]

Bill's big break came in 1951when his former manager Barry Wood suggested he go to London for an audition to appear at Butlins Holiday Camp, Skegness. Bill was offered the job, but was going to decline the offer, as it represented a cut in pay. On returning home from the audition his wife Muriel talked him into taking the job and his professional career was on the move, even if it was as 'second assistant feed' - the 'top-liner' was Terry Scott, who later became Bill's partner in the TV series Great Scott, It's Maynard.

After his debut at Butlins, Bill returned to Lewis's Department Store, Leicester and was promoted from an electrical salesman to a carpet salesman. He also appeared in the pantomime Aladdin, at the Regent Theatre, Hayes, Middlesex, England, UK, for two weeks in December 1951.

Bill, along with Terry Scott were back at Butlins the following year, but this time at the Filey Camp in North Yorkshire, England, UK.

Bill's first ever venture overseas was a trip to Germany in 1953? with Jon Pertwee, touring British army bases in a show called Tear 'Em Up. It was during this trip that Bill visited a German barber's shop for a hair cut and ended up with not just a trim, but a full crew cut - a style which he grew to like and made part of his 'image'.
Bill enjoyed touring overseas and would later travel to the Middle East, Kenya, Malaysia and the Persian Gulf, among others.

The final piece of Bill's trademark stand-up act came from a girl named Kay, she was a singer with a group called The Kordites. One night while performing at the Theatre Royal, Longbrook Street, Exeter, England, UK, Kay suggest that Bill should wear his baggy sweater on stage instead of his pristine suit. A look that would have Bill labeled "The Sweater Boy" by the media and would later be copied by other great entertainers, and Leicester knitwear designer John Carr Doughty would begin to manufacture sweaters under Bill's autograph. Of course, the media of the day hadn't come-up with anything new when they branded Bill as "The Sweater Boy", the term had been coined some 15 years earlier by the U.S. media after Lana Turner (Julia Jean Turner: February 8, 1921 – June 29, 1995) made her feature film debut in LeRoy's "They Won't Forget" in 1937 when they nicknamed her "The Sweater Girl".

In 1952 at 24 years old, Bill started working at The Windmill Theatre, 17-19 Greater Windmill Street, Soho, London, England, UK. He also worked at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Coventry Street, Soho, London, England and the Astor Club, Mayfair, London, England at the same time. While working in the Soho area of London he shared a flat above the Beaufort Club, Lisle Street, and bought himself a white Chevrolet Drop-Head Coupe motorcar. Later he shared a flat with five female dancers, who were also performing at the Prince of Wales Theatre in a show called 'Folies Bergere', in Upper Barkeley Street. By the end of his time at The Windmill Theatre (1954), Bill had become one of (if not) the highest paid comics ever to perform there, earning £100 (GBP) a week.

In December 1952 (during his time at The Windmill Theatre) Bill made his first radio broadcast on a show called 'Up & Coming'. Bill was also booked on the BBC radio shows: 'Midday Music Hall', 'Variety Playhouse', 'Variety Bandbox', 'Workers' Playtime' and 'Garrison Theatre'.
However, after his initial interview at the Aeolian Hall, 135-137 New Bond Street, London, England, UK, the BBC were worried that 'Billy Williams' would be too confusing for their accounts department, who were already in a muddle with all the William's on their books, so they asked him to change his name, and after seeing a billboard outside Piccadilly Circus underground station in London advertising Maynard's Wine Gums he decided that he liked the sound of 'Bill Maynard'. The BBC were also happy with it and so it was. [awaiting exact date]

Bill's first TV appearance came in 1953 when he performed on Henry Hall's 'Face the Music' show, but the show was stolen that night by a new comedienne named Sally Barnes. Determined not to be upstaged again, Bill brought out a chimpanzee, at the end of his performance of 'My Son, My Son...?', for his appearance on 'Garrison Theatre', another live TV show (taken from radio), and overnight he became a national star.

Bill and Muriel had their second child, Jane in 1954 and by this time Bill had helped his parents move to a pub, The Bower Inn, 81 Coventry Street, Leicester, England, UK. (!)

When you think of catchphrases you probably think Sir Bruce Forsyth (also born in 1928), but did you know that Bill Maynard coined the phrase, 'When you're in, you're in', which was repeated over and over again by members of the public up and down the country for over a decade. He came-up with his catchphrase while working with his old friend Terry Scott on their TV show Great Scott, It's Maynard in 1955-56 - A comedy show made-up of individual sketches and acts, with Bill and Terry as the presenters as well as contributors of their own unique styles. At the time some thought/hoped that Bill and Terry would become a double act, but both entertainers were keen to pursue their own paths rather than amalgamate into one. Bill was now at the very top of the ladder, earning an incredible £1000 (GBP) a week. The money wasn't all from the TV show, in fact he was only paid £40 (GBP) by the BBC (later £60 GBP), but the rest of the money was certainly as a direct result of the show, which helped bring in those lucrative bookings.

Bill & Terry Scott were featured in the April 6, 1956 issue of the Radio Times magazine.
Bill & Terry Scott were also featured in the December 15, 1956 issue of TV Mirror magazine, along with Ted Heath, Jean Carson and other stars of the day.
In 1957 Bill & Terry were featured, along with Shirley Eaton, on the cover of the very first T.V. Fun Annual, published by the same London publisher as the T.V. Fun weekly.

Sometime in the late 1950s Bill bought a house (bungalow) in Fleet Road (near the railway station), Fleet, Hampshire, England, UK. [awaiting dates, address, photos] The home is remembered by Richard Barker (a former pupil at All Saints C of E Junior School and brief acquaintance of Bill's son Martin) as one of the first in the area to have a shower. (!)
Also in the late 1950s Bill's son, Martin, briefly attended All Saints C of E Junior School, Leawood Road, Fleet, Hampshire, England, UK, (!) before starting St Paul's School, Burgh-le-Marsh, Lincolnshire, England, UK. [awaiting dates]
Three years later daughter Jane started Morcott Hall School, Morcott, Leicestershire, England, UK. [awaiting dates]

Connaught Theatre Victoria Palace Theatre
Wanting to go-it-alone, it was Bill who pulled the plug on Great Scott, It's Maynard and persuaded the BBC to make his new show Mostly Maynard. Unfortunately Bill's new show was a disaster, for a variety of reasons, and it was axed after the first series. By this time Bill wanted to move-on from being a comedian to pursue his ambition of becoming an actor, so he demanded that his agent Richard Stone find him a role in a play. Believing that Bill was best suited to stand-up Richard sent him the worst possible play he could find, You Too Can Have a Body, but in collaboration with the plays writer, Fred Robinson, they turned the play into a smash hit. The play opened at the Connaught Theatre, Union Place, Worthing, East Sussex, England, UK and was quickly asked to be performed in the West End at the Victoria Palace Theatre, Victoria Street, London, England, UK.

Bill has owned many motorcars throughout his life, at his home in Fleet, Bill had a Studebaker President, an Austin Healey Le Mans drophead, and a Standard 10 saloon (for Muriel). [awaiting years/colours]
In 1956, after braking down on the way to his summer show in Waymouth, Bill met garage owner John Sussex of Hursley, Hampshire, England, UK. Bill later asked John to build him a tailor-made sports car. Known as the 'Maynard Special' (reg./lic. plate: BM 11), the car was only ever used for publicity purposes as it was unsafe on the roads. (In 1975 John Sussex founded: JJ Sussex (Hursley) Limited, whom were still in business until 2010 at 105 St Peters Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire, England, UK) [awaiting further information]
Another of Bill's many cars was a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II finished in Willow Gold which he sold in the year 2000.

While appearing at the Empire Theatre in Glasgow, Bill was invited to be guest of honour at the Glasgow Masonic Ball, but after an evening of being pestered by a woman who had taken a fancy to his extravagant hat, Bill was arrested for assault after punching her husband.

In the early 1960s most of Bill's better paid gigs dried up in the UK, so he headed out to Australia, initially for three weeks, but ended up staying five months after falling for the redheaded Australian jazz singer ????. In Australia Bill appeared at the Embers Club, Toorak Road, Melbourne, South Yarra, Victoria, and on the TV show 'In Melbourne Tonight'. He also presented You Too Can Have a Body on Australian TV. {1/96-103}

Nottingham Playhouse
After returning from Australia Bill did several small gigs, including playing Lord Lister in The Chiltern Hundreds, before being offered a permanent spot at the old Nottingham Playhouse, Goldsmith Street, Nottingham, England, UK, where he performed in various roles.

In 1962 the Inland Revenue demanded a payment of around £70,000 (GBP) for unpaid taxes - an amount Bill simply didn't have. While Bill had been on top and earning huge amounts he had been spending on cars, gambling and living the high life. More recently his gigs hadn't even been covering his expenses, so his savings had all but evaporated. First Bill sold his cars, the Studebaker, Austin Healey and Muriel's Standard 10 were all sold. Then all their other possessions and finally the house. Bill and Muriel had nothing and they still owed the Inland Revenue £17,000 (GBP). It was looking like bankruptcy was the only option for Bill, but Muriel was determined that they would pay off the debt. The Inland Revenue agreed that Bill could pay the rest of the money in installments, so Bill and Muriel moved-in with Muriel's aunt Elsie back in Leicester and started to work like they had never worked before. Not wanting to upset their children, Bill and Muriel took-on as much work as they could to scrape together enough money for a deposit on a house before their children came home from boarding school. After months of hard work Bill and Muriel had saved £300 (GBP), which they used as a deposit to buy a small semi-detached house in Cook's Lane, Sapcote, Leicestershire, England, UK, from Muriel's cousin for £2,600 (GBP).

Bill continued to work at the old Nottingham Playhouse appearing in plays such as:
- The Taming of the Shrew as Grumio
- Loot as Inspector Truscott
- The Bashful Genius as Frank Harris
- The Caretaker as Davie
- Harvey as Elwood P Dowd
- The Entertainer as Archie Rice

Nottingham Playhouse
Nottingham Playhouse
On December 11, 1963 the new Nottingham Playhouse, East Circus Street, Nottingham, England, UK opened and for a while Bill continued to appear there. After a short time Bill went to Canterbury to appear in Semi-Detached, a play which he later brought back to the new Nottingham Playhouse. After that Bill was cast in The Mayor of Zalamea at the new Nottingham Playhouse. Today, the new Nottingham Playhouse, Wellington Circus, Nottingham, England, UK has a new address, but it is still the same building that was opened in 1963.

In 1966 Bill played Justice Squeezum in Lock Up Your Daughters at the Palace Court Theatre, Hinton Road, Bournemouth, England, UK. He left the show in protest of the poor acting skills of former Miss World (1964) Ann Sidney who had been cast as Hilaret, Politic's daughter.

By the late 1960s Bill's career had reached its lowest ebb and Bill was forced to return to doing stand-up in the working men's clubs for his bread and butter. The plays and cabaret gigs had all but dried up. Bill's career as an entertainer was looking like it was over. Bill and his wife Muriel were offered jobs in New England, New Hampshire, USA, as butler, cook and housekeeper, after they had advertised for the position in an American newspaper. Just as they were about to leave the country, and entertaining, for good, a call came for Bill to appear at an audition to play the part of Bert in the film version of Till Death Us Do Part. Bill was offered the part putting an end to his plans of going to America to become a butler.

While filming Till Death Us Do Part Bill managed to scrape together enough money to buy an old battered van. [awaiting make, model, etc] {1/170}

During the time of the late 1960s early 1970s, at the lowest point of his career, Bill found great inspiration from Norman Vincent Peale's best selling book The Power of Positive Thinking. From Norman's book, Bill strives to do each day one thing which he fears, no matter how small. He has also taught this philosophy to his family, friends and acquaintances. Bill isn't a religious person, per say, but he is a great believer in the old adage "do unto others as you would have them do unto you".

The Christmas season of 1972 had Bill in the role of Jasper Snatchem in the pantomime Babes in the Wood at the London Palladium. The pantomime stared Edward Woodward as Robin Hood and Rod Hull and Emu. Bill hated this play and when more and more TV work started to roll in he got an old acquaintance ? to replace him.

The success of the 1969 film version of Till Death Us Do Part brought Bill lots of new TV and Film appearances in the early 1970s. One of the biggest boosts to his floundering career came with the success of the 1971 show Paper Roses. In 1973 Bill was finally back at the top with his appearance in Kisses At Fifty. Also in 1973 he worked with television actor and comedian Ronnie Barker in Spanner's Eleven which was part of a series called Seven of One.

Despite appearing in several of the Carry On films, Bill is said to be baffled by their popularity.

1973 was also the year Bill appeared as the Baker in the Ridley Scott directed Hovis commercial, Bike Ride. A commercial which in 2006 was voted the favourite commercial of all time by the British public.

While working on the pilot for The Life of Riley, which was named Happy Days and was never aired, Bill suggested calling the series Policy of Being Frank. At the time Bill's character Frank had no surname, but once the character became Frank Riley the title, The Life of Riley, was born.

Bill came up with the idea to create a show set around a working men's club and he based his character, Selwyn Froggitt, on his close friend, Peter Wright, from his home village of Sapcote, Leicestershire. Peter with all his energy and exuberance had also inspired Bill's performance as Bottom in A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Nottingham Playhouse. Peter was the man who, in real life, shouted the catchphrase 'Magic!' while sticking two thumbs up. A catchphrase which Bill used for Selwyn and then the whole country used for half a decade.

Bill finally paid off his debt to the Inland Revenue in 1975/6. [awaiting exact date]

In 1976 Bill appeared as the guest of honour for the celebrity switch-on of the foreshore illuminations in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England, UK. An event which had been started in 1953 - partly to mark the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and partly to emulate the seaside town of Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK, which already had a similar event.

Bill turned down the lead role of Arthur in the 1978 BBC TV series Pennies from Heaven, because of the amount of foul language in the original script, a role which was taken on by Bob Hoskins.

Bill setup his own film company (around 1980), Charterhouse Films Limited, to allow him to make corporate videos and TV commercials for large companies such as Walkers, the crisp manufactures in Leicester, and Holt's, the motor spares manufacturer. This also give Bill the chance to have a go at editing, producing and directing and add yet another feather to his cap.

After having worked successfully with Yorkshire Television on Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt, Bill returned for the role of Fred Moffat in The Gaffer. Before taking the role however, Bill had one or two conditions - He wanted to meet the writer, Graham White, and he wanted to use a freeze frame technique which had never been used before on a British comedy series.
The opening scene of each episode shows Bill's character, Fred Moffat, get into his car and throw a parking ticket onto the back seat which is filled with hundreds of other parking tickets, an idea which Bill had got from his son Martin who used to do a similar thing in real life.

In The News
Here are some newspaper and magazine stories we have found for Bill Maynard. Please let us know if you have any others and we will add them here:

1989 - Hinckley - MAYNARD HITS AT HOLLYWOOD ROMOURS OVER TONIA; Love rift? Rubbish, says Bill.
Thursday, February 22, 1990 - unknown - Actor denies rumours over his marriage.
Monday, April 20, 1998 - The Daily Mail (London, England) - Our sham of a marriage is over says Mrs Bill Maynard.
Saturday, July 22, 2000 - The Mirror (London, England) - ILL TV STAR QUITS HOME; Stroke victim Bill selling cottage.
Monday, April 9, 2001 - The Northern Echo - Bill distances himself from his love-nest home.
Thursday, August 21, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - Grin and bear it.
Thursday, August 28, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - It is not the time for play-acting.
Thursday, August 28, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - Bill's badge replaced in quick time.
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - Former TV star Greengrass is given a parking ticket because his blue badge had faded.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - Forgetfulness comes to us all.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - Is this the Elizabeth Lambert Times?
Thursday, September 18, 2008 - The Hinckley Times - Thanks for writing.
Thursday, July 23, 2009 - The Hinckley Times - Bill Maynard is honoured with a degree.
Thursday, August 13, 2009 - The Hinckley Times - New-look Concordia Theatre has the wow factor.
Thursday, June 10, 2010 - The Hinckley Times - Kirstin takes Miss Hinckley crown.
Friday, July 29 2011 - The Hinckley Times - Grass is greener across the card table for Burbage's Bill Maynard.
Saturday, April 21, 2012 - Leicester Mercury - I'd love to be back on telly.
Friday, May 11, 2012 - Leicester Mercury - Parking ticket victory for taxi boss who took stand.
Thursday, September 20, 2012 - The Hinckley Times - Burbage cab driver to take on UK mobility scooter trek.
Monday, September 16, 2013 - Leicester Mercury - THE BIG INTERVIEW: After 60 years, Bill Maynard has last laugh on his critics.
Saturday, January 17, 2015 - Sunday Express - Where are they now? Heartbeat actor Bill Maynard
Wednesday, February 22, 2017 - Daily Express - ‘Magic! I’m not dead!’ Bill Maynard back on TV to prove he’s still alive
Saturday, March 31, 2018 - The Mirror (London, England) - From 1950s sex symbol to Eurovision: Late TV star Bill Maynard led an incredible unknown life.

In 1984, Maynard stood against Tony Benn in the by-election at Chesterfield as an Independent Labour candidate. It was his only foray into politics and it was purely to try and prevent Benn winning the seat and thus re-entering Parliament. Benn won the seat; Bill took fourth place.

Later in Life
After his marriage, and honeymoon, to Tonia Bern-Campbell in 1989, Bill went to South Africa to make the movie Oddball Hall. A movie which was never released in UK cinemas and a movie which Bill thinks is atrocious.

In 1990 Bill was contacted once again by Yorkshire Television, asking him to take a supporting role as a local rogue, poacher and petty villain in a new drama series called Heartbeat. Bill accepted the role of Claude Jeremiah Greengrass and set to work on creating the character. The trademark blinking, twitching and stuttering Bill replicated from an old acquaintance back in Leicester, while the clothes for Greengrass were copied from a guy Bill used to see on his visits to the greyhound track.

Bill was forced to retire, temporarily, from acting in July 2000 after suffering a number of strokes, the latest one being while he was filming for Heartbeat. His character Claude Greengrass was written out, mid-series, in such a way that he could return if his health improved: in the story, Claude moved to the West Indies to live with his sister, who won a lot of money and wanted to share it with him (Heartbeat: Safe House (S10E12) 2001). He returned to acting in 2003, playing the same character in The Royal, a spin-off from Heartbeat. It was set in a hospital and he was in bed a lot, but appeared to have recovered.

Also in 2003 Bill was awarded the Yorkshire Arts and Entertainment Personality of the Year Award.

On July 16, 2009 Bill received a Doctorate (honorary Doctor of Arts) from De Montfort University, The Gateway, Leicester LE1 9BH, England, UK.

Bill's recording career started around 1953 when he recorded a song called Wolf On The Prowl with the B-Side Tani, but a week before the record was due to be released the record company, Planet Recordings, went bankrupt.
Between 1954 and 1956 Bill was featured on various sheet music titles, which included: Wolf on the Prowl, Mobile, Mambo Italiano, My Boy-Flat Top, Davy Crockett Is Helping Santa Claus and Hey Liley, Liley Lo.
In 1956 Bill recorded the song Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo, but before its release it was also recorded as Hey Lilly, which was finally changed to Hey Liley, Liley, Lo. The flip-side was Who Needs You. According to Decca catalogue records, 'Who Needs You' is listed as the A-Side and 'Hey Liley, Liley, Lo' as the B-Side. The record failed to chart in the UK, but in South America Hey Liley, Liley, Lo was very popular and Bill was asked to record Lonely Road for the B-Side of the South American single.
In 1959 The Beverley Sisters released the single The Little Drummer Boy. In the UK the record was released with "Strawberry Fair" on the B-Side, but in Germany the record was released with the song Riding Down From Bangor on the B-Side, which featured Bill Maynard. The credit on the record reads: "The Beverley Sisters and Bill Maynard and his Guitar with the Ronald Shaw Orchestra".
In 1970, along with his appearance in the British TV soup Coronation Street, Bill recorded the songs Dreaming Time (A-Side) and Moments Of Pleasure (B-Side), which featured in the show.
In 1972 Bill performed two songs at the "Green Man" public house, 383 Euston Road, London, NW1 3AU, England, UK. Bill sang the old music hall songs: My Old Dutch and With My Little Wigge-Wagge In My Hand. Other performers that evening included: Annabelle Lee, Davilia David, John O'Flynn, Jean Wren, Betty Gilmore and Roy Kean, all performing old music hall numbers which were later released on the live Hallmark LP Old Tyme Music Hall. Bill was also the chairman for the evening, entertaining the crowd with his unmistakable humor between acts.
Pheasant Pluckers Son

In 1975 Bill recorded the single Pheasant Pluckers Son, with the B-Side She Was - a song written by his son Martin under his professional name Maynard Williams. Pheasant Pluckers Son was later included on the 2004 (EMI gold) CD box-set "The Classic Comedy Box", then on the 2006 (EMI gold) CD box-set "Essential Comedy" and again on the 2007 (EMI gold) CD "The Original Comedy Album".
In March 1977 Bill recorded and released the single Without Someone To Love, which also appeared on the B-Side of The Gaffer soundtrack single in 1982. The B-Side of the original single was Move A Little Closer - another song written by Bill's son.
Next came Stock Car Racing Is "Magic" in 1979, backed by Symphony For Stocks on the flip-side. Bill loved stock car racing and was a huge fan of BriSCA F1, particularly at the Long Eaton Stadium, Station Road, Long Eaton, Derbyshire, England, UK. Bill was Master of Ceremonies for the Yorkshire Nationals in 1979 [awaiting exact date and location] and he sponsored Pete Doran, a driver from Hinckley, Leicestershire, England, UK. [awaiting more info]
In 1980 Bill appeared on The Worzel Gummidge Christmas Maxi Single, singing A Cup Of Tea And A Slice Of Cake, along with Jon Pertwee and Una Stubbs.
In 1994 Bill released the CD single Heartbeat Country, a country version of the classic Montgomery/Petty single 'Heartbeat'. One of the producers on the CD was his son Maynard Williams. He then did a follow-up in 2009, releasing a DVD single containing the songs 'Heartbeat' and the Rolling Stones classic 'Walking the Dog', again, produced by his son.
More recently, on December 1, 2013, at the age of 85, Bill released a CD of songs titled The Wonderful World of Bill Maynard. To accompany the CD Bill also released a DVD of the same title An Interview with Bill Maynard, where he talks passionately and humorously about the making of the album and his 77 years in show business and 60 years on television.
On November 1, 2014, Bill followed-up with yet another CD single containing the songs, "I'm My Own Grandpa" and "Walking The Dog". Advertised and sold as "a limited edition CD, part of Bill's recent merchandise collection".

Bill Maynard entered the Festival Of British Popular Songs on Tuesday, February 12, 1957 at The King's Theatre Hammersmith, London, hosted by David Jacobs. This was the final contest to decide the UK song for the 1957 Eurovision Song Contest.
This was the first year that the United Kingdom had participated in the Eurovision Song Contest, which started in 1956. The BBC had wanted to take part in the first Eurovision Song Contest a year earlier, but were too late in submitting their entry to the European Broadcasting Union.
Prior to the final event at the King's Theatre there had been three previously televised heats on Tuesday, January 22, Tuesday, January 29 and Tuesday, February 5.
Each song was performed by two different artists and voting was done by 10 regional juries of 12 members with 1 vote each, located in Bangor, Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Newcastle & Nottingham. Bill's song 'Don't Cry Little Doll', also performed by The Keynotes, came 4th taking 14 points. The winner was Patricia Bredin singing 'All' scoring 39 points. Patricia went on to take seventh place in the 1957 Eurovision Song Contest, the winner was Corry Brokken from the Netherlands singing 'Net als toen' (Just like then).
In 1986 Bill's son Maynard Williams, with has band Ryder, had more success, winning A Song For Europe with their song 'Runner In The Night' and going on to take seventh place at the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest in Norway. That year the winner of Eurovision was Sandra Kim from Belgium with her song 'J'aime la vie' (I Love Life). Bill was at the Eurovision Song Contest on May 3, 1986 in the Grieg Hall in Bergen, Norway to cheer his son on. Maynard Williams had also entered A Song For Europe in 1985, but only reached the final 24. [awaiting song title/mp3 from 1985]

Bill's first known book was a kind of textbook for budding comics entitled 'You're Joking?, It's Serious!' [awaiting further information]
Bill Maynard published his first autobiography The Yo-Yo Man November 13, 1975 (Golden Eagle Press, London, England, UK) - Typing errors in this book (hard back first edition).
In 1988 Bill appeared alongside a recipe for "Enthusiastic Stew" in The Celebrity Cook Book, published in aid of the Leukemia & Cancer Children's Fund in association with Caledonian Publishing Ltd.
In October 1994 Bill penned the foreword to Frank Worthington's autobiography, One Hump or Two? The Frank Worthington Story.
Bill's second autobiography, Stand Up... And Be Counted: The Other Side of Greengrass was published in August 1997 (Breedon Books Publishing Co Ltd, Derby, England, UK) - Typing errors in this book (hard back first edition)
Unfortunately there are some factual discrepancies between the two books which leaves the reader wondering which facts are correct and which are mistakes.
In 2003 Toontoons published a revised copy of Gary Hogg's book entitled fairly Truthful Tales - As broadcast by Bill Maynard - Comedy monologues from the North of England.
In September 2005 Bill penned a foreword in Sue Ablett's book, Telling 'Tails' Leicester Animal Aid: The First 50 Years 1956-2006, published by Leicester & Leicestershire Animal Aid Association (LAA), The Huncote Pet Rescue Centre, Elmwood Farm, Forest Road, Huncote, Leicester, Leicestershire LE9 3LE, England, UK. November 1, 2005.
In 2007 Bill penned another foreword, this time in Ann Moore's book, Beginners Please - how to set up, run and enjoy an amateur drama group, published by Eyelevel Books, England, UK.
In the spring of 2014 Bill became the Agony Uncle for Retirement Times magazine.

Bill Maynard

Disc Jockey
Bill made a comeback to radio presenting in March 2003 for BBC Radio Leicester where he had last worked in 1967. His new show, called Maynard's Bill of Fare, aired every Sunday afternoon from 2–4 pm for nearly five years, until he was dismissed without notice on February 5, 2008.
In October 2014 Bill was on the radio again, with a show named Maynard's Mix of Music and Mayhem, for Harborough FM. (!)

Bill Maynard Advertising Limited, Company Number: 01397788, Status: Dissolved [awaiting info on this company]

The Last Ten Years
In October 2009 he made a return to the stage when he appeared as the main Guest of Honour at the Pride of Bridlington Awards held at the Expanse Hotel, North Marine Drive, Bridlington, Yorkshire, England, UK. Bill was introduced to the audience by British politician the Rt Hon Greg Knight MP, who praised his work and described the actor as 'one of Britain’s best-loved comedy stars'. He made an entertaining and amusing speech and was mobbed by the audience, showing, even at 81, that he was still held in great affection by the public.

Bill's son, Maynard Williams (formally Martin Williams), moved to France and while there Bill helped him buy a country house (Maison de Maitre) in the Charente region (Jarnac or Jonzac), the former home of President François Mitterand's grandmother. Bill would spend quite a bit of his spare time there. The rest of his time would be spent either at his semi in Sapcote or at his daughters house just down the road.

Bill Maynard

While recovering from his strokes Bill became interested in the game of poker after seeing televised events of Texas Hold 'em on TV. Bill had played poker in the passed. While filming the Carry On films, Bill, Sid James and other members of the cast would play Seven-Card Stud between set changes. Once he was well enough, Bill joined Maxims Casino, Fletchampstead Highway, Coventry, England, UK (later Genting Casino), he played poker on a regular basis, usually three or four times a week.

Bill moved from Sapcote to Burbage, Leicestershire, England, UK. [awaiting dates and addresses]

Bill joined "Facebook" on June 28, 2012.

Stage Credits (Theatre, Pantomime, Variety, Cabaret)

Date Title Role Theatre
1952-1955 Variety Show Himself Windmill Theatre, Soho, London
1952 Variety Show Himself Prince of Wales Theatre, London
1952 Variety Show Himself Astor Club, Mayfair, London
26 December 1952 - 10 January 1953 Aladdin Wishee Washee Regent Theatre, Hayes, Middlesex
19 October 1953 Variety Show (Latin Quarter) Himself Hippodrome, Norwich
26 October 1953 Variety Show (Latin Quarter) Himself Hippodrome, Aston
2 November 1953 Variety Show (Latin Quarter) Himself Hippodrome, Bournemouth
30 November 1953 Variety Show (Moulin Rouge) Himself Pavilion Theatre, Liverpool
1953? Tear 'Em Up Himself Various (Germany)
? Variety Show Himself Theatre Royal, Exeter
? Piccadilly Hayride Himself Various
14 March 1954 Centenary Year Appeal Himself Royal Albert Hall, London
5 April 1954 Variety Show Himself Brighton Hippodrome, Brighton
19 April 1954 Variety Show Himself The Metropolitan Theatre, Westminster, London
1954 Variety Show Himself New Theatre, Northampton
12 July 1954 Variety Show (Music for the Millions) Himself Winter Gardens, Margate
19 July 1954 Variety Show (Music for the Millions) Himself Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
24 October 1954 Deep River Boys Concert Himself Odeon, Plymouth
14 February 1955 Variety Show Himself Palace Theatre, Leicester
18 April 1955 Variety Show (Rhythm is their Business) Himself New Royal Theatre, Bournemouth
31 July 1955 Variety Show Himself Winter Gardens, Margate
12 December 1955 Paris by Night ? Prince of Wales Theatre, London
2 January 1956 Variety Show Himself Empire Theatre, Nottingham
28 May 1956 Variety Show (Variety Two) Himself Opera House, Cheltenham
1956 Variety Show (Show Time) Himself Alexandra Gardens Theatre, Weymouth
1956 Variety Show Himself Empress Theatre, Brixton, London
1956 Variety Show Himself Guernsey
1956-57? Aladdin Wishee Washee Empress Theatre, Brixton
1956-57? Aladdin Wishee Washee Granada Theatre, Sutton
1956-57? Aladdin Wishee Washee Granada Theatre, Woolwich
1957 Variety Show Himself Empire Theatre, Leeds
1957 Variety Show Himself Empire Theatre, Liverpool
29 April 1957 Variety Show Himself Palace Theatre, Manchester
1 July 1957 Variety Show (Music for the Millions) Himself The Capitol, Aberdeen
18 August 1957 ? ? Floral Hall, Scarborough
19 August 1957 Variety Show (Music for the Millions) Himself Winter Gardens, Margate
August 1957 Variety Show (Music for the Millions) Himself Pavilion Theatre, Torquay
23 September 1957 Variety Show Himself New Theatre, Oxford
30 September 1957 Variety Show Himself Palace Theatre, Manchester
7 October 1957 Variety Show Himself Empire Theatre, Finsbury Park, London
January 1958 Variety Show Himself Empire Theatre, Nottingham
17 February 1958 Variety Show Himself Embassy Theatre, Peterborough
27 February 1958 Variety Show Himself Savoy, Lincoln
1958 Variety Show Himself Hippodrome, Birmingham
1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade Connaught Theatre, Worthing
1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade The Coventry Theatre, Coventry
1 April 1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade The Streatham Hill Theatre, London
7 April 1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade The Golders Green Hippodrome, London
14 April 1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
28 April 1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade Palace Theatre, Manchester
12 May 1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade Theatre Royal, Nottingham
September 1958 You, Too, Can Have a Body Chick Wade Victoria Palace Theatre, London
November 1958 Variety Show Himself Empire Theatre, Sunderland
December 1958 - January 1959 Variety Show (Christmas Party) Himself Gaumont Theatre, Southampton
23 March 1959 Variety Show Himself City Hall, Newcastle
4 May 1959 Variety Show Himself Gaumont Theatre, Southampton
9 August 1959 Sunday Celebrity Concert Himself Wellington Pier Pavilion, Great Yarmouth
1959 Variety Show (Let's Make A Night Of It!) Himself Floral Hall, Scarborough
1959 Variety Show (Let's Make A Night Of It!) Himself Pavilion Theatre, Torquay
? ? ? Empire Theatre, Glasgow
? ? Himself Embers Club, Melbourne
22 December 1959 - Variety Show (Fun and Games) Himself Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
25 April 1960 The Long and The Short and The Tall Bamforth The Theatre Royal, Windsor
Summer 1960 Variety Show (Let's Make A Night Of It!) Himself Pavilion Theatre, Weymouth and Melcombe Regis
December 1960 - January 1961 Cinderella Buttons Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
? The Chiltern Hundreds Lord Lister Castle Theatre, Farnham
1961 The Art of Living Himself Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
13 March 1961 The Art of Living Himself Grand Theatre, Blackpool
2 June 1961 Make it Tonight Himself Lido Theatre, Cliftonville, Margate
1962? Variety Show (The Senior Service Show) Himself (Compère) ? Liverpool
6 February 1962 The Taming of the Shrew Grumio Nottingham Playhouse
? The Caretaker Davies Nottingham Playhouse
? Harvey Elwood P Dowd Nottingham Playhouse
29 July 1962 Variety Show Himself Winter Gardens, Margate
December 1962 -
January 1963
Puss In Boots Simple Simon London Palladium
1963 Variety Show (The Cadets Show) Himself ?
1963 Variety Show Himself Winter Gardens, Margate
1 July 1963 Big Night Out Himself Pier Pavilion, Llandudno
20 November 1963 - 30 November 1963 Semi-Detached Fred Midway Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
? Semi-Detached Fred Midway Nottingham Playhouse
24 December 1963 - 18 January 1964 Puss In Boots Simple Simon Gaumont Theatre, Southampton
12 February 1964 The Bashful Genius Frank Harris Nottingham Playhouse
11 March 1964 The Mayor of Zalamea Rebolledo Nottingham Playhouse
? cabaret Himself Leeds
? Measure for Measure ? Newcastle Playhouse
? 400? Years of Comedy ? ?
? Forty? Years of Comedy ? ?
1965 The Bill Maynard Show Himself Lido Theatre, Cliftonville, Margate
17 February 1965 Crawling Arnold ? The New Arts Theatre Club, London
1966 Saturday Night and Sunday Morning The Publican (unbilled) Prince of Wales Theatre, London
11 July 1966 Lock Up Your Daughters Justice Squeezum Palace Court Theatre, Bournemouth
26 December 1966 - 14 January 1967 Babes in the Wood ? ABC Theatre, Stockton-on-Tees
? Loot Inspector Truscott Nottingham Playhouse
16 October 1967 -
21 October 1967
Loot Inspector Truscott Hippodrome, Bristol
13 November 1967 - 18 November 1967 Loot Inspector Truscott Birmingham Theatre, Birmingham
27 November 1967 Loot Inspector Truscott Theatre Royal, Nottingham
18 December 1967 A Midsummer Night's Dream Bottom Nottingham Playhouse
? Stand Up and Retreat Onwards ? Edinburgh
? Joking Apart the husband Castle Theatre, Farnham
27 March 1968 The Little Mrs Foster Show Hook Nottingham Playhouse
1969 Cat On A Hot Tin Roof Big Daddy Derby Playhouse
Spring 1969 The Entertainer Archie Rice Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh
1970 Plaza Suite Sam Torquay
1970 Plaza Suite Sam Lyric Theatre, London
4 May 1970 Plaza Suite Sam The Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
1 June 1970 Plaza Suite Sam New Theatre, Oxford
? The Odd Couple Oscar ?
15 June 1970 A Face for All Occasions Charles Dickens The Arts Theatre, London
11 August 1970 ? Charles Dickens ?
December 1970 - January 1971 Mother Goose Mother Goose De Montfort Hall, Leicester
1971 The Ghost Train Saul Hodgkin, Stationmaster Hippodrome, Bristol
3 May 1971 The Ghost Train Saul Hodgkin, Stationmaster Wimbledon Theatre, Wimbledon
17 May 1971 The Ghost Train Saul Hodgkin, Stationmaster New Theatre, Kingston upon Hull
24 May 1971 The Ghost Train Saul Hodgkin, Stationmaster Empire Theatre, Sunderland
21 June 1971 The Ghost Train Saul Hodgkin, Stationmaster New Theatre, Oxford
1971 Cat in the Bag Howard Ashton New Theatre, Oxford
19 July 1971 Cat in the Bag Howard Ashton Theatre Royal, Brighton
30 August 1971 Cat in the Bag Howard Ashton Palace Theatre, Manchester
December 1971 - January 1972 Cinderella The Baroness (His Wife) Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool
15 April 1972 Come When You Like George Blakeley Shaw Theatre, London
May 1972 Crete and Sergeant Pepper Sergeant Pepper Royal Court Theatre, London
1972-73 Babes in the Wood Jasper Snatchem London Palladium
22 December 1973 - 19 January 1974 Aladdin ? Haymarket Theatre, Leicester
20 December 197? Dick Whittington Idle Selwyn Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
30 January 1975 -
22 February 1975
Trinity Tales or The Road to Wembely Stan Birmingham Repertory Theatre, Birmingham
12 July 1976 The Bill Maynard Show Himself Granville Theatre, Ramsgate
1977 One for the Pot Jonathan Hardcastle Richmond Theatre, London
25 May 1977 -
11 June 1977
One for the Pot Jonathan Hardcastle Connaught Theatre, Worthing
13 June 1977 -
2 July 1977
One for the Pot Jonathan Hardcastle Playhouse Theatre, Bournemouth
3 July 1977 Variety Show Himself Wellington Pier Pavilion, Great Yarmouth
11 July 1977 One for the Pot Jonathan Hardcastle Theatre Royal, Bath
1 August 1977 -
3 September 1977
One for the Pot Jonathan Hardcastle Devonshire Park Theatre, Eastbourne
14 August 1977 Sunday Concert Himself ABC Theatre, Blackpool
4 September 1977 Variety Show Himself Futurist Theatre, Scarborough
1977 Variety Show Himself Wellington Pier Pavilion, Great Yarmouth
19 December 1977 Jack and the "Magic" Beanstalk Simple Simon Theatre Royal, Norwich
20 December 1979 - January 1980 Dick Whittington and His Cat Idle Selwyn Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
16 December 1982 - 22 January 1983 Dick Whittington King Rat Palace Theatre, Manchester
6 February 1983 Variety Show (Startime) Himself (Host) Theatre Royal, Nottingham
7 October 1983 -
22 October 1983
Die Fledermaus ? Grand Theatre, Leeds
1983? Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Empire Theatre, Sunderland
1983-87 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Various
23 December 1983 Mother Goose Squire Selwyn Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
1984 There's a Girl in my Soup Derek Nimmo Various (Middle and Far East)
7 May 1984 Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
1984 Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
198? Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Theatre Royal, Plymouth
1984-85 Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Palace Theatre, Manchester
26 December 1984 -
26 January 1985
Mother Goose Squire Selwyn Kings Theatre, Southsea
19 February 1985 -
23 February 1985
Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon
25 February 1985 -
9 March 1985
Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford
29 May 1985 -
June 1985
Strippers Harry (Stipper's Agent) Phoenix Theatre, Charing Cross Road, London
26 December 1985 - January 1986 Cinderella Baron Hardup De Montfort Hall Theatre, Leicester
? The Two Gentlemen of Verona Launce Various
5 March 1986 - When We Are Married Henry Ormonroyd (The Photographer) Whitehall Theatre, London
1986 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Richmond Theatre, Richmond
1986 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks King's Theatre, Southsea
19 January 1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks The Congress Theatre, Eastbourne
3 March 1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Theatre Royal, Norwich
21 April 1987 -
2 May 1987
Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Alhambra Theatre, Bradford
1 June 1987 -
13 June 1987
Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks King's Theatre, Glasgow
June 1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury
13 July 1987 -
18 July 1987
Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Theatre Royal, Brighton
July 1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham
August 1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Theatre Royal, Bath
4 August 1987 -
15 August 1987
Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Eden Court Theatre, Inverness
18 August 1987 -
29 August 1987
Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Empire Theatre, Sunderland
31 August 1987 -
6 September 1987
Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Theatre Royal, Nottingham
7 September 1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Futurist Theatre, Scarborough
1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Paignton
1987 Annie Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks Churchill Theatre, Bromley
1988 A Man for All Seasons The Common Man Swansea
1988 The Creation / The Passion God Dartford
1988 The Creation / The Passion God Festival Theatre, Grange Road, Malvern, Worcestershire
13 December 1988 Cinderella ? Civic Hall, Guildford
27 February 1989 -
4 March 1989
Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton
15 May 1989 -
20 May 1989
Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson The Opera House, Manchester
1989 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson Gaiety Theatre, Ayr
1989 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson Key Theatre, Peterborough
1989 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson Theatre Royal, Bath
1989 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson Theatre Royal, Brighton
1989 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson The Grand Theatre, Blackpool
1989 Hobson's Choice Henry Horatio Hobson Various
? Sleeping Beauty ? Sunderland
? Dick Whittington ? Inverness
1990 The Merry Wives of Windsor Sir John Falstaff Festival Theatre, Chichester
7 December 1990 Aladdin Widow Twankey Kings Theatre, Southsea
13 December 1991 - 11 January 1992 Jack & The Beanstalk Dame Trot Civic Hall, Guildford
15 December 1994 - 8 January 1995 Dick Whittington and His Cat Alderman Fitzwarren Empire Theatre, Sunderland
13 December 1996 - 4 January 1997 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Herman the Henchman Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Guildford



Radio Leicester
Date Show Station Other
December 1952 Up & Coming BBC Radio  
? Midday Music Hall BBC Radio  
? Variety Playhouse BBC Radio  
? Variety Bandbox BBC Radio  
? Workers' Playtime BBC Radio  
? Garrison Theatre BBC Radio  
? Late Night Extra ?  
? The Bill Maynard Show ?  
March 2003 -
5 February 2008
Maynard's Bill of Fare BBC Radio Leicester  
2006 Esterhazy BBC Radio 4  
2007 Peacefully in Their Sleeps BBC Radio 4  
13 January 2008 Ed Doolan Interviews... BBC Radio 7 Interview (1 hour show)
14 May 2012 Jane Garvey BBC Radio 2 Interview
17 September 2013 Sean Smith Harborough FM Interview
23 December 2013 ? 103 The Eye Interview
7 October 2014 Maynard's Mix of Music and Mayhem Harborough FM 7pm - 10pm



Decca Records
WAIF Records
Date Title Label Catalogue #
1953 (78 RPM) Side A: Wolf On The Prowl
Side B: Tani
Planet E1010
1956 (45 RPM) Side A: Hi-Lili, Hi-Lo
Side B: -
Decca DRF 23160
1956 (45 RPM) Side A: Hey Lilly
Side B: -
Decca DRF. 23368
1956 (78 RPM) Side A: Who Needs You
Side B: Hey Liley, Liley, Lo
Decca F 46505 (Germany)
1956 (45 RPM) Side A: Who Needs You
Side B: Hey Liley, Liley, Lo
Decca 45-F 10868
1956/7 (78 RPM) Side A: Hey Liley, Liley, Lo
Side B: Lonely Road
Decca F.10902
1957 (45 RPM) Side A: Hey Liley, Liley, Lo
Side B: Lonely Road
Decca 45-F 10902
1957 (45 RPM) Side A: Hey Liley, Liley Lo
Side B: Lonely Road
London 45-1745 (USA)
1959 Side A: The Little Drummer Boy
Side B: Riding Down From Bangor
Decca DL 25 013 (Germany)
20 March 1970 Side A: Dreaming Time
Side B: Moments Of Pleasure
Decca F 13010
1972 Old Tyme Music Hall
Side A - Track 1: Hold Your Hand Out You Naughty Boy
Side A - Track 2: Two Lovely Black Eyes
Side A - Track 3: Goodbye, Dolly Gray
Side A - Track 4: Marie Lloyd Melody - A Little Of What You Fancy, The Boy I Love (Is Up In The Gallery)
Side A - Track 5: Don't Dilly Dally On The Way
Side A - Track 6: My Old Dutch
Side B - Track 1: Oh, Oh Antonio
Side B - Track 2: Mother Kelly's Doorstep
Side B - Track 3: The Spaniard That Blighted My Life
Side B - Track 4: It's A Long Way To Tipperary
Side B - Track 5: With My Little Wigge-Wagge In My Hand
Side B - Track 6: Down At The Old Bull And Bush
Hallmark SHM 772
24 January 1975 Side A: Pheasant Pluckers Son
Side B: She Was
EMI EMI 2257
March 1977 Side A: Without Someone To Love
Side B: Move A Little Closer
1979 Side A: Stock Car Racing Is "Magic"
Side B: Symphony For Stocks
Denman DD 109
1980 The Worzel Gummidge Christmas Maxi Single
Side A - Track 1: Christmas Isn't Christmas
Side A - Track 2: Aunt Sally's Song
Side B - Track 1: A Cup Of Tea And A Slice Of Cake
Side B - Track 2: Scarecrows Carol
Decca F.13899
1982 Side A: The Gaffer
Side B: Without Someone To Love
Eagle BSB 017
1994 Heartbeat Country
Track 1: Heartbeat
Track 2: Heartbeat (Karaoke)
2009 Track 1: Heartbeat
Track 2: Walking the Dog
1 December 2013 The Wonderful World of Bill Maynard
Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: What A Wonderful World
Track 3: You Are So Beautiful To Me
Track 4: If You Go Away
Track 5: Somewhere Over The Rainbow
Track 6: Once, Twice, Three Times A Lady
Track 7: September Song
Track 8: Happy Days Are Here Again
Track 9: Who Can I Turn To
Track 10: Stardust
Track 11: The Christmas Song
Blain Associates BM1001
1 November 2014 Track 1: I'm My Own Grandpa
Track 2: Walking The Dog
NOTE: Songs in italics not performed by Bill Maynard


Television & Video Roles

Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt
The Gaffer
Date Title Role Other
12 September 1953 Face the Music Himself BBC
12 July 1955 Garrison Theatre Himself BBC
- 4 October 1955
- 18 October 1955
- 1 November 1955
- 15 November 1955
- 29 November 1955
- 13 December 1955
- 10 April 1956
- 17 April 1956
- 24 April 1956
- 1 May 1956
- 8 May 1956
- 15 May 1956
- 25 October 1956
- 8 November 1956
- 22 November 1956
- 6 December 1956
- 20 December 1956
Great Scott, It's Maynard
- Series 1, Episode 1
- Series 1, Episode 2
- Series 1, Episode 3
- Series 1, Episode 4
- Series 1, Episode 5
- Series 1, Episode 6
- Series 2, Episode 1
- Series 2, Episode 2
- Series 2, Episode 3
- Series 2, Episode 4
- Series 2, Episode 5
- Series 2, Episode 6
- Series 3, Episode 1
- Series 3, Episode 2
- Series 3, Episode 3
- Series 3, Episode 4
- Series 3, Episode 5
Himself BBC
17 Episodes
- 26 February
- 5 March
- 12 March
- 19 March
- 26 March
Mostly Maynard
- Episode 1
- Episode 2
- Episode 3
- Episode 4
- Episode 5
Actor BBC
5 Episodes
- 6 April
- 14 September
Six-Five Special
- Episode 8
- Episode 31
- December
- Babes in the Wood
Babe/Wilhelminha BBC
5 January 1959
20 April 1959
The Anne Shelton Show Actor  
1959-64 One O'Clock Show Bill Tyne Tees Television
? Showband Himself BBC
5 March 1960 Dial for Music Himself  
- 12 May
No Hiding Place
- The Head Case
Vic Wilson
Series 2, Episode 2
196? In Melbourne Tonight Himself  
196? You Too Can Have a Body Chick Wade Australian TV
1963-64? Big Night Out Himself ABC Television
19 June 1964 The Good Old Days Himself Series 12, Episode 7
- 2 March
- 4 March
- 9 March
- 11 March
- 16 March
- 18 March
Coronation Street
- Episode 958
- Episode 959
- Episode 960
- Episode 961
- Episode 962
- Episode 963
Mickie Malone Granada Television
- 27 April
Up Pompeii
- The Actors
Series 1, Episode 5

14 April 1971
4 December 1974
22 November 1978
This Is Your Life
- Jon Pertwee
- Bill Maynard
- Terry Scott
Series 11, Episode 22
Series 15, Episode 5
Series 19, Episode 5
- 13 June
ITV Saturday Night Theatre
- Paper Roses
Clarence Hubbard Granada Television
- 1 November
Thirty-Minute Theatre
- Psychological Warfare
- 20 September
Till Death Us Do Part
- Pigeon Fancier
Series 4, Episode 2
- 14 December
- Journey
Jim the Policeman BBC
Series 1, Episode 14
- 18 January
Comedy Playhouse
- Elementary My Dear Watson
Frank Potter / Moriarty  
- 22 January
Play for Today
- Kisses At Fifty
Harry BBC
Series 3, Episode 13
? Dora ?  
? Jokers Wild ?  
? The Orson Welles Mysteries ?  
? The Way of the World ? Thames TV
- 19 March
Love Thy Neighbour
- The G.P.O.
Police Sergeant Thames TV
Series 3, Episode 1
- 15 April
Seven of One
- Spanner's Eleven (aka: Football Blues)
Councilor Todd
Series 1, Episode 4
- 11 September
Armchair Theatre
- The Death of Glory
Reg Turnbull
Series 15, Episode 1
1973 Bike Ride Baker Hovis Commercial
1 January 1974 The Boy with Two Heads
(aka: Chico the Rainmaker)
- The Mysterious Box
- The Secret Cave
- Chico Makes Magic
- Farewell to Chico
- The Magic Football
- Chase for Chico
- Chico makes the Rain
Farmer 7 Episodes
- 5 January
Great Mysteries
- Where There Is a Will
Det. Superintendent Marker  
- 4 March
- The Cool Aquarian
George Sutton  
26 March 1974 Des O'Connor Entertains Himself  
- 27 May
Hunter's Walk
- Charlie
Charlie Mead  
- 3 July
ITV Playhouse
- Love Affair
J.P. Powers Anglia Television
- 15 August
- 5 September
- 12 September
- 19 September
The Inheritors
- Episode 1
- Far Be It for Me
- The Axeman Cometh
- Double, Double...
Sefton Garrett Harlech TV
4 Episodes
1974 The Show Business - How To Demonstrate A Product Himself Visual Arts Ltd.
Unbroadcast Happy Days Frank Pilot episode to The Life Of Riley

- 30 September 1974
- 7 January 1976
- 14 January 1976
- 21 January 1976

- 28 January 1976
- 4 February 1976
- 11 February 1976
- 21 February 1977
- 28 February 1977
- 7 March 1977
- 14 March 1977
- 21 March 1977
- 28 March 1977
- 4 April 1977
- 8 November 1977
- 15 November 1977
- 22 November 1977
- 29 November 1977
- 6 December 1977
- 13 December 1977
- 20 December 1977
- 27 December 1977
Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt

- Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt
- Three Fifths of the World Loves a Lover
- We Are the Masters Now
- There Are Several Businesses Like Show Business
- The Grand Outing
- The Master Builder
- Ladies' Desire
- Daze of Hope
- The Game of the Name
- Raffles
- Selwyn Rides Again
- Alphabetic Orders
- The Protection Racket
- Just Cause and Impediment
- Be It Ever So Humble, There's No Place
- Gala Performance
- Boom Boom
- Occupational Hazard
- Sing Along with Selwyn
- A Little Learning
- Around the Houses
- On the Feast of Selwyn
Selwyn Froggitt Yorkshire Television
22 Episodes
Series 1, Episode 1
Series 1, Episode 2
Series 1, Episode 3

Series 1, Episode 4
Series 1, Episode 5
Series 1, Episode 6
Series 2, Episode 1
Series 2, Episode 2
Series 2, Episode 3
Series 2, Episode 4
Series 2, Episode 5
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Series 2, Episode 7
Series 3, Episode 1
Series 3, Episode 2
Series 3, Episode 3
Series 3, Episode 4
Series 3, Episode 5
Series 3, Episode 6
Series 3, Episode 7
Series 3, Episode 8
- 28 November
Father Brown
- The Man with Two Beards
Series 1, Episode 10
- 6 January
- 13 January
- 20 January
- 27 January
- 3 February
- 10 February
- 17 February
The Life Of Riley
- The Arrival
- The Undead
- The Staff Dance
- Oh! Sister
- The Visitors
- Uneasy Riders
- Double Time
Frank Riley 7 Episodes
Series 1, Episode 1
Series 1, Episode 2
Series 1, Episode 3
Series 1, Episode 4
Series 1, Episode 5
Series 1, Episode 6
Series 1, Episode 7
- 15 September
The Sweeney
- Supersnout
Det. Chief Insp. Stephen Quirk Thames TV
Series 2, Episode 3
7 November 1975 Look Who's Talking Himself  
- 21 November
- 28 November
- 5 December
- 12 December
- 19 December
- 26 December
Trinity Tales
- The Driver's Tale
- The Fryer's Tale
- The Judy's Tale
- The Joiner's Tale
- The Wife of Batley's Tale
- The Man of Law's Tale
Stan the Fryer 6 Episodes
Series 1, Episode 1
Series 1, Episode 2
Series 1, Episode 3
Series 1, Episode 4
Series 1, Episode 5
Series 1, Episode 6
19 January 1976
6 May 1982
Looks Familiar Himself BBC
- 9 April 1976
- 22 July 1977
- 1 July 1978
Those Wonderful TV Times
- Series 1, Episode 2
- Series 2, Episode 13
- Series 3, Episode 1
Himself 3 Episodes
- 21 April
- 28 April
- 5 May
- 12 May
- 19 May
- 26 May
- 18 July
Paradise Island
- Pilot
- A Stranger in Paradise
- Is Anybody There?
- Happy Birthday Cuthbert
- The Great Pig Hunt
- Who Do You Do...?
- Here Is the News
Rev. Alexander Goodwin Thames TV
7 Episodes
- 10 April
- Which Eye, Jack?
Himself Fremantle
Series 6, Episode ?
- 5 September
- 12 September
- 19 September
- 26 September
- 3 October
- 10 October
- 17 October
- The Road to Paradise Valley
- Wish You Were Here
- Better Late Than Never
- Take a Tip from Selwyn
- I've Gotta Jockey
- Don't Make Waves
- A Man for One Season
Selwyn Froggitt 7 Episodes
Series 1, Episode 1
Series 1, Episode 2
Series 1, Episode 3
Series 1, Episode 4
Series 1, Episode 5
Series 1, Episode 6
Series 1, Episode 7
January 1979 Bill Maynard in Person Himself Yorkshire Television
? Celebrity Squares Himself  
? Play it Again ? Tyne Tees
? Juno and the Paycock Boyle STV
? Spotlight ? BBC
- 25 December
- Dickens
- 27 January
- 24 February
- 27 December
Worzel Gummidge
- The Trial of Worzel Gummidge
- The Scarecrow Wedding
- A Cup O' Tea An' A Slice O' Cake
Sergeant Beetroot 3 Episodes
Series 2, Episode 4
Series 2, Episode 8
Christmas Special
- 16 August
Tales of the Unexpected
- A Picture of a Place
Merv Pottinger Anglia Television
Series 3, Episode 2
- 9 January 1981
- 16 January 1981
- 23 January 1981
- 30 January 1981
- 6 February 1981
- 13 February 1981
- 26 February 1982
- 5 March 1982
- 12 March 1982
- 19 March 1982
- 26 March 1982
- 2 April 1982
- 9 April 1982
- 24 May 1983
- 31 May 1983
- 7 June 1983
- 14 June 1983
- 21 June 1983
- 28 June 1983
- 5 July 1983
The Gaffer
- All in a Day's Strike
- A Seat on the Board
- Albert
- Dear Old Pals
- The Trouble with Women
- England Exports
- Flesh and Blood
- Take Your Partner
- Give Up
- A Day to Remember
- Wheeler-Dealer
- Unfit as a Fiddle
- The Candidate
- Blacking
- Spring
- Moonlight and Ruses
- Council of War
- There Goes the Bride
- Full of Eastern Promise
- Goodbye
Fred Moffat 20 Episodes
Series 1, Episode 1
Series 1, Episode 2
Series 1, Episode 3
Series 1, Episode 4
Series 1, Episode 5
Series 1, Episode 6
Series 2, Episode 1
Series 2, Episode 2
Series 2, Episode 3
Series 2, Episode 4
Series 2, Episode 5
Series 2, Episode 6
Series 2, Episode 7
Series 3, Episode 1
Series 3, Episode 2
Series 3, Episode 3
Series 3, Episode 4
Series 3, Episode 5
Series 3, Episode 6
Series 3, Episode 7
1981 Carry On Laughing ? TV Series
- 28 May
Pro-Celebrity Snooker
- Series 7, Episode 12
1983-84 What a Carry On ?  
- 24 July
Andy Robson
- Ringing the Changes
Sgt. Hogg Tyne Tees
29 September 1983 Whose Baby? Himself - along with Martin & Jane, his Son & Daughter Thames TV
- 26 September
- The Second Time Around
Barney Todd
Series 5, Episode 4
1986 Dangerous Days ? BBC Scotland
- 25 December
In Sickness and in Health
- Christmas Special
Bert Luscombe  
1990 Mike and Angelo ? Thames Television
- 15 September
Screen One
- Filipina Dreamgirls
George Trout BBC

- 10 April 1992
- 24 April 1992
- 1 May 1992
- 15 May 1992
- 22 May 1992
- 29 May 1992
- 5 June 1992
- 12 June 1992
- 18 April 1993
- 25 April 1993
- 2 May 1993
- 9 May 1993
- 16 May 1993
- 23 May 1993
- 30 May 1993
- 6 June 1993
- 13 June 1993
- 20 June 1993
- 3 October 1993
- 10 October 1993
- 17 October 1993
- 24 October 1993
- 31 October 1993
- 7 November 1993
- 14 November 1993
- 21 November 1993
- 28 November 1993
- 5 December 1993
- 4 September 1994
- 11 September 1994
- 18 September 1994
- 25 September 1994
- 2 October 1994
- 9 October 1994
- 16 October 1994
- 23 October 1994
- 30 October 1994
- 6 November 1994
- 13 November 1994
- 20 November 1994
- 27 November 1994
- 6 December 1994
- 13 December 1994
- 25 December 1994
- 3 September 1995
- 10 September 1995
- 17 September 1995
- 24 September 1995
- 1 October 1995
- 8 October 1995
- 15 October 1995
- 22 October 1995
- 29 October 1995
- 5 November 1995
- 12 November 1995
- 19 November 1995
- 26 November 1995
- 3 December 1995
- 10 December 1995
- 1 September 1996
- 8 September 1996
- 15 September 1996
- 22 September 1996
- 29 September 1996
- 6 October 1996
- 13 October 1996
- 20 October 1996
- 27 October 1996
- 3 November 1996
- 10 November 1996
- 17 November 1996
- 1 December 1996
- 8 December 1996
- 15 December 1996
- 22 December 1996
- 25 December 1996
- 31 August 1997
- 7 September 1997
- 14 September 1997
- 21 September 1997
- 28 September 1997
- 5 October 1997
- 12 October 1997
- 19 October 1997
- 26 October 1997
- 2 November 1997
- 9 November 1997
- 16 November 1997
- 23 November 1997
- 30 November 1997
- 7 December 1997
- 21 December 1997
- 4 January 1998
- 11 January 1998
- 18 January 1998
- 25 January 1998
- 1 February 1998
- 8 February 1998
- 15 February 1998
- 22 February 1998
- 6 September 1998
- 13 September 1998
- 20 September 1998
- 27 September 1998
- 4 October 1998
- 11 October 1998
- 18 October 1998
- 25 October 1998
- 1 November 1998
- 8 November 1998
- 15 November 1998
- 22 November 1998
- 6 December 1998
- 13 December 1998
- 24 December 1998
- 10 January 1999
- 17 January 1999
- 24 January 1999
- 31 January 1999
- 7 February 1999
- 14 February 1999
- 21 February 1999
- 28 February 1999
- 26 September 1999
- 3 October 1999
- 10 October 1999
- 17 October 1999
- 24 October 1999
- 31 October 1999
- 7 November 1999
- 14 November 1999
- 21 November 1999
- 28 November 1999
- 5 December 1999
- 12 December 1999
- 19 December 1999
- 26 December 1999
- 2 January 2000
- 9 January 2000
- 16 January 2000
- 23 January 2000
- 30 January 2000
- 6 February 2000
- 13 February 2000
- 20 February 2000
- 27 February 2000
- 5 March 2000
- 22 October 2000
- 29 October 2000
- 5 November 2000
- 12 November 2000
- 19 November 2000
- 26 November 2000
- 3 December 2000
- 24 December 2000

- Changing Places
- Rumours
- Playing with Fire
- Old, New, Borrowed, Blue
- Face Value
- Outsiders
- Primal Instinct
- Keep on Running
- Secrets
- End of the Line
- Manhunt
- Bitter Harvest
- Over the Hill
- Bang to Rights
- A Talent for Deception
- Baby Blues
- Wall of Silence
- Missing
- Speed Kills
- Riders of the Storm
- Dead Ringer
- Going Home
- A Chilly Reception
- The Frighteners
- Father's Day
- Endangered Species
- An American in Aidensfield
- Bringing It All Back Home
- Wild Thing
- Witch Hunt
- Mid Day Sun
- Turn of the Tide
- Love Child
- Nice Girls Don't
- Trouble in Mind
- Fair Game
- Red Herring
- Arms and the Man
- Treading Carefully
- Bad Blood
- Assault and Battery
- Lost and Found
- A Bird in the Hand
- A Winter's Tale
- Wishing Well
- Expectations
- Thief in the Night
- Domestic
- Vacant Possession
- We're All Allies Really
- Sophie's Choice
- Gone Tomorrow
- Toss Up
- It's All in the Game
- Vigilante
- Unfinished Business
- Saint Columba's Treasure
- Sitting Off the Dock of the Bay
- Blood Sports
- Kids
- Old Colonials
- Forget Me Not
- A Long Shot
- Something of Value
- Frail Mortality
- Snapped
- Catch Us If You Can
- Giving the Game Away
- The Championship
- Who Needs Enemies
- Thanks to Alfred
- Obsessions
- The Best Laid Plans
- Bygones Be Bygones
- Old Friends
- Charity Begins at Home
- Bad Apple
- Pig in the Middle
- Small Beer
- Closing Ranks
- Leaving Home
- Fool for Love
- The Family Way
- Friendly Fire
- Sons and Lovers
- Playing with Trains
- What the Butler Saw
- Affairs of the Heart
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- Substitute
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- Fall Out
- For Better or Worse
- Past Crimes
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- Pat-a-Cake
- Easy Rider
- Hot Rocks
- Shadows and Substances
- Where There's a Will
- Taking Sides
- Echoes of the Past
- Twists of Fate
- The Angry Brigade
- Fire and Ashes
- All in the Mind
- Friends Like You
- Old Ties
- David Stockwell's Ghost
- Testament
- Manoeuvres in the Dark
- Tricks of the Trade
- Intuition
- Puppet on a String
- Honour Among Thieves
- Shotgun Wedding
- Always a Copper
- Negative Vibes
- Kindness of Strangers
- Hollywood or Bust
- Flesh and Blood
- No Surrender
- Stag at Bay
- Full Circle
- The Seven Year Itch
- Weight of Evidence
- For Art's Sake
- A Shot in the Dark
- The Good Doctor
- Against the Odds
- Desperate Measures
- With This Ring
- Wise Guys
- The Son-In-Law
- Chalk and Cheese
- Smile for the Camera
- Dog Collar
- Gabriel's Last Stand
- War Stories
- The Fool on the Hill
- The Traveller
- Cold Turkey
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Series 10, Episode 10
9 December 1994 Pebble Mill at One Himself  
1995 Maynard's Bill Himself Yorkshire Television
1997 The Tale of Little Pig Robinson ? Dreamscope Productions
1998 What's a Carry On? Bodkin  
1999 Heartbeat Chronicles Himself / Claude Jeremiah Greengrass  
- 28 November
Live Talk
- Episode 47
13 April 2002 10 Years of Heartbeat Himself  
- 21 December
Dalziel and Pascoe
- Dialogues of the Dead (Part 1)
Councilor Cyril Steel BBC
Series 7, Episode 5 pt1
- 19 January
- 26 January
- 2 February
- 9 February
- 16 February
- 2 March
- 25 May
The Royal
- First Impressions
- Second Time Around
- Coffin Fit
- Sister of Mercy
- Immediate Care
- Crash
- All at Sea
Claude Jeremiah Greengrass 7 Episodes
Series 1, Episode 1
Series 1, Episode 2
Series 1, Episode 3
Series 1, Episode 4
Series 1, Episode 5
Series 1, Episode 7
Series 2, Episode 1
6 February 2009 Cash in the Celebrity Attic Himself Series 2, Episode 15
15 October 2010 The Alan Titchmarsh Show Himself  
23 September 2013 ITV News Various ITV Central
1 December 2013 The Wonderful World of Bill Maynard
- An Interview with Bill Maynard
Himself Blain Associates DVD
2015 80's UP! with Bill Maynard Himself Shortcut Films &
K4K Films
14 February 2017 The Moorside Cecil BBC
14 April 2018 Pointless Celebrities Himself with Tricia Penrose BBC


Filmography (If you know of any others please get in touch)

Carry On Matron
Steptoe and Son Ride Again
Man About The House
Date Title Role Other
2 November 1957 The World Our Stage Himself TV Movie
1960 You Too Can Have a Body Chick Wade TV Movie
1967 The Magnificent Six and ½: Ghosts and Ghoulies ? Short Film
1969 The Magnificent Six and ½: The Magician The Magician  
1969 It All Goes to Show Mike Sago Short Film
1969 Till Death Us Do Part Bert  
May 1970 One More Time Jenson  
21 September 1970 Carry On Loving Mr. Dreery 20th film in the Carry On series
31 January 1971 A Hole Lot of Trouble Bill Short Film (B Movie)
February 1971 Carry On Henry Guy Fawkes 21st film in the Carry On series
December 1971 Carry On At Your Convenience Fred Moore 22nd film in the Carry On series
23 May 1972 The Four Dimensions of Greta
(aka: The Three Dimensions of Greta)
Big Danny  
May 1972 Carry On Matron Freddy 23rd film in the Carry On series
July 1972 Au Pair Girls    
8 September 1972 Bless This House Oldham  
3 January 1973 Never Mind the Quality: Feel the Width Larkin  
January 1973 Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall Sergeant Ellis  
July 1973 Steptoe and Son Ride Again George  
1973 You'd Better Go in Disguise ?  
July 1974 Carry On Dick Bodkin 26th film in the Carry On series
8 November 1974 Confessions of a Window Cleaner Mr. Lea  
22 December 1974 Man About the House Chef  
1 April 1975 A Journey to London Sir Francis Headpiece TV Movie
July 1975 Confessions of a Pop Performer Mr. Lea  
11 March 1976 Robin and Marian Mercadier (The Kings bodyguard)  
1976 It Shouldn't Happen to a Vet
(aka: All Things Bright and Beautiful)
1976 Confessions of a Driving Instructor Mr. Lea  
1977 Confessions from a Holiday Camp
(aka: Confessions of a Summer Camp Counselor)
Mr. Lea  
1977 Sky Pirates Charlie  
4 January 1981 Dangerous Davies: The Last Detective Mod (Modesty) Lewis TV Movie
1982 The Plague Dogs Editor (voice)  
1990 Oddball Hall Copperthwaite  



Maynard Williams (Son)

Maynard Williams Maynard Williams
Date Title Role Other
1971 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat    
1975 Ten Songs   MCA Records
July 1975 Confessions of a Pop Performer Eric (Kipper)  
December 1975 Great Big Groovy Horse   BBC2 Christmas Production
17 December 1978 As You Like It Silvius  
1979 Follow the Star Angel / Soldier  
- 7 July
Can We Get on Now, Please?
- Trial by Television
  Episode 6
21 May 1982 The Secret Policeman's Other Ball Various  
1985 The Eurovision Song Contest (UK Heats)   Final 24
3 May 1986 The Eurovision Song Contest Ryder (lead singer) 7th Place
7 June 1986 The Keith Harris Show Himself with Ryder (his band) Series 3, Episode 5
1987 Truckers (theme song)    
- 8 September
- 6 October
- 13 October
- 27 October
- Hired Guns
- Stinking Fish
- Rollo Solo
- Going Under
Rollo 4 Episodes
Episode 1
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 8
- 16 November
The Bill
- By the Book
Jimmy Harris Series 5, Episode 92
- 15 December
- Bygones Be Bygones
Mr. Gibson Series 6, Episode 15

As a boy Maynard briefly attended All Saints C of E Junior School, Leawood Road, Fleet, Hampshire, England, UK - Even back then Maynard had his father's passion for entertaining, performing for a group of old aged pensioners with the school choir. The choir sang first world war songs, such as ‘There’s a Long, Long Trail’, for the veterans. Maynard performed a few solos, including the old monologue Little Rosa (memorable for his excellent Italian accent), as performed by his father all those years earlier. (!)

As a youngster Martin was a member of a band called the Sugar Machine.

Martin graduated Hinckley Grammar School in 1967.

Around 1974 Maynard (still Martin Williams) was a singer with the Ken Macintosh band appearing at the Hammersmith Palais, London, England, UK.

Maynard Williams has also appeared in various Andrew Lloyd Weber performances in the West End (including Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in 1971 !) and has recorded a couple of tracks on some Lloyd Weber compilation albums. In 1975 he recorded an album called "Ten Songs" for MCA, which contained ten songs written by Tim Rice.
Later that year Maynard appeared in the BBC Christmas production "Great Big Groovy Horse", a rock opera based on the story of the Trojan Horse starring Bernard Cribbins, Julie Covington and Paul Jones - Originally aired on BBC2, then repeated on BBC1 in 1977.

In 1985 Maynard had his first attempt at singing in the Eurovision Song Contest, but was only able to reach the final 24 of the UK heats. Then, in 1986 Maynard was the lead singer in the band Ryder with Andy Ebsworth, Dudley Phillips, Geoff Leach, Paul Robertson and Rob Terry. Ryder was a purpose-made pop group whose primary purpose was to represent the United Kingdom at the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest in Bergen, Norway. Ryder performed the song "Runner In The Night" which was placed 7th. They were criticised in the media for being a particularly weak and unsuitable entry. The song was the first UK Eurovision entry to fail to reach the top 75 in the British pop charts since 1964, managing to peak at only 98. "Runner In The Night" was the only single released by Ryder, but later Maynard teamed up with the song's composers Maureen Darbyshire and Brian Wade to compose the theme song to the BBC drama series Truckers, in which he appeared. The single from the programme failed to chart.

Maynard Williams has a son from his first marriage, Jake Williams (who himself is now married), and two children (son and daughter) from his second marriage, Luke and Jenna. Jenna has had a child of her own making Bill a great grandfather. [awaiting dates, names and photos] (!)

Facebook links:
Martin Maynard Williams
Jake Williams
Luke Reddin-Williams

If you have any further information about Maynard Williams we would like to add it to this site.


Jane Maynard

Jane Greenaway {née: Williams} (Daughter)

There is very little information available for Jane, if you know anything about her please tell us and we'll add it here.

Jane was part of the redcoat team at Butlins Holiday Camp, Bognor Regis in 1974 (front row, fourth from left).

She is also thought to have lived in the Bedford area at some time. [awaiting address and dates]

She now lives in a luxury converted farmhouse in Leicestershire. [awaiting address and dates]

Jane married Peter J Greenaway (son of the famous jockey H.J. 'Johnny' Greenaway - a dear friend of Bill's) Jul-Aug-Sep 1980 [awaiting exact date] in Hinckley, Leicestershire. (!) They have two children, Sarah-Jane Louise Greenaway (born February 3, 1984) and Jonathan William Greenaway (born December 10, 1985). (!)

Facebook links:
Jane Greenaway Maynard
Sarah-Jane Hebblethwaite Sarah Greenaway
Jonathan Greenaway


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